Friday, June 9, 2017

Teacher Planner

I know, I know, it's June and officially summer time for most of us teachers! No one is trying to think about school for the next 2 months. BUT, if you're like me, then you want to spend a little time planning and organizing for next year while you don't have to worry about meetings, parents and assessing. That's why I was so excited when I got my reminder email yesterday from Malia at Playdough to Plato. She JUST uploaded the new 20117 - 2018 teacher planner! And if that wasn't exciting enough ... it's free! 

I used her lesson plan book template last year and loved it! It's brightly colored (which anyone who knows me will know suits me to a t!), editable and has just about every checklist you could think of. Did I also mention that it's free??

Now I will admit, it took some getting used to to be able to break away from the computer for everything. On days when I just didn't have time to turn the computer on or didn't have an iPad charged to use while walking around, this planner was a life saver! With 11 classes of 32-42 and sometimes 50, I need to be able to jot down which groups students were in, who was working on what and keep track of a lot of different activities and areas. Perfect. Tool.

Click the picture below to head on over to Playdough to Plato and get your free teacher planner for 2017 - 2018! 

Happy Planning!

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