Sunday, December 13, 2015

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, everyone! Last week I made some dyed eggs and I've been dye-ing to post the pics! I already think my deviled eggs are the most delicious eggs I've ever had (not that I'm bias or anything), but dying them made them super cute!

Since devilicious eggs (click to see my recipe post) are a household staple for the holidays (any and all holidays that is), I decided to put a little twist on them for Christmas. Each week in December, our school has treats in the lounge and a different group of staff brings goodies for the whole school. I was thinking about dyeing my yolks red and green and looked up red and green eggs, which took me to a post from Trisha at momdot.

Red and Green Christmas Develed Eggs

Does she not have the most vibrant, Christmasy deviled eggs you have ever seen! Her filling is so white, too! I didn't have too much time to let them sit, so I'll try again when I make them over break. While mine weren't as pretty as hers, they still looked cute and were gobbled up quickly. A few of them didn't make it out of the room once my devilicious egg fans saw what I had.

I'll give an update over winter break with how they turned out once I had more time ... and maybe a couple bonus recipes from cooking with mom!

Happy cooking and happy holidays!

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