Friday, August 7, 2015

Indoor Bench DIY

Since I'm usually making things for my TpT store and trying to come up with cool station ideas for my class during the school year, I do most of my DIY projects I find during the year in the summer. The year, I tackled making a bench, redecorating John's room (yes, my dog has his own room), making a fabric doggie gate and making makeup brush holders. My favourite DIY of the summer was definitely my new indoor bench.

I have 2 chairs from my dining room table that sit in John's room because there's not enough room to fit all 4 chairs around it in my apartment. I figured I may as well put them to use!

There was a desk sitting in John's room that was just collecting dust and holding things I needed to throw away. When I took it apart, I saved some of the pieces to use for other projects. Because I wanted the bench to be a little wider than the chairs, I took one of the pieces from the desk and screwed it into the fronts of the chairs to hold them together and lengthen my bench. (I did this AFTER sanding and spray painting my chairs a really pretty gray. I used Rustoleum's Winter Gray Paint & Primer.

Once they were spray painted, and screwed together with the scrap from the old desk, I started in on the cushion. I took another one of the scrap pieces from the desk (a tad narrower than the first) and screwed it and the seat together to make one long seat using 90 degree angled brackets (see picture below) and fastening all four corners together.

Once my seat was in one piece, I wrapped it in a few layers of poly foam pad and stapled it into place as I went. Once the pad was set, I wrapped my yellow fabric I bought from Hobby Lobby around the pad and stapled it to the back of the seat. I slid the seat on, put some white baskets underneath as an accent and added a gray and turquoise Relax pillow I got on sale at Hobby Lobby. And DONE! I love my new functioning house bench! :)

Happy hobby-ing! :)

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