Friday, August 7, 2015

Dry Erase Center

Let me just start off by saying ... Easiest. Center. Ever! I don't know about your classroom, but in mine, I have a specific section for everything. Dry erase materials are no exception. Last year I had a space for dry erase math materials and dry erase reading & writing materials and dry erase science materials. It was too much! I loved each being with it's content area, but things were never put back where they were supposed to be.

This year, I'm using a plain old dish drying rack as a dry erase center. I got my dish rack at Dollar General for $7.50.

As of now, there are 5 large white boards, 15 regular sized white boards, 4 double sided lined boards and 4 gallon sized bags of different activities. I can still fit a couple more bags in it, too! I have 11 markers in the utensil holder, a roll of paper towels (that wasn't used from last year) and a bottle of dry erase board cleaner (it's just water with a little soap, the kids will never know the difference!)

In the baggies I have number writing and representation, beginning sounds, letter tracing and letter finding. I'll add some science and social studies activities once we get into the swing of things. I may also put the baggies in colored folders that match each content area (I'm a little anal like that!) and of course, being a label queen and all,  I have to put a label on the front. I can't wait for the kids to use this center once school starts!

Happy teaching!

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