Monday, August 10, 2015

Crepe Paper Curtains

Last night and this afternoon I spend some of my time sectioning off my library center even more so than it already is. The huge tree that is in the corner of my library already makes it cozy, but I wanted it a little more cozy inside. So, I made crepe paper curtains! After trying to put them under the ceiling tiles one by one like I've done with vines in the past, it occurred to me to just make a long piece of tape with crepe paper attached. Duh!

So that I wouldn't have to lay my tape and crepe paper across a table (and so I wouldn't have to clean off a table), I measured off some masking tape and hung it up with push pin onto the wall.

Then, I placed the end of my bright green on the tape, followed my the end of my dark green.

Once those 2 strips were in place, I lined them up with a previous strip I had cut, and cut them to the same length.

I repeated the pattern over and over until I reached the end of my tape.

Once I had my first strip finished, I hung it up along the metal frame that holds the ceiling tiles using packing tape. I hung the second set after I finished it. I still have some trimming to do to get it as even as possible, but it turned out pretty neat!

It's a pretty sweet set up inside. I'm a little jealous of my kids that are coming up next year. I may have to sit in the inside when I get overwhelmed from decorating and unpacking my room!

Happy crafting!

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