Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August Target Finds!

1. Foam Clocks
These foam clocks were in Target's $1 and $3 Spot and were only $1 each! They are double-sided. One side has a regular faced clock while the other side has the markings to show what each number stands for in terms of minutes. I am going to put them both on my calendar wall so the kids can see each version.

2. Dry Erase Word Strips
These were also in Target's $1 and $3 Spot and were also only $1 each! We get sentence strips to use, but I didn't want to use lamination lamination a bunch of strips when I wasn't sure how many I would use and how long they needed to be. Instead, I got these that I can write words or names or short sentences on and use in pocket charts. The kids can use them for a variety of things as well. There are 30 sentence strips in this pack.

Happy shopping!

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