About Me

About Me! 
{Breanna Molix}

Hi there! My name is Bre and I am starting  my 6th year of certified teaching! I spent 3 years before this as a teacher at the YWCA in Lubbock, TX working with kids from infancy to 5.

When I take a serious picture, I'll upload it

I will be starting my new journey as a 3rd Grade Math & Science teacher in the district that I grew up in! I'm so excited for this new opportunity and can't wait to dive in!

I have previously been the PK - 2nd STEAM teacher, and kindergarten teacher. I loved every minute of it, but after a decade out in west Texas, I decided it was time to move back toward my family.

Teaching is my passion and I could not imagine doing anything else! 

I'm mama to one of the most adorable furry babies I know (not that I'm biased or anything) called John (named after John Lennon).

Look at the cute birthday boy!

At school, have a bearded dragon called Bennie as well as several fish. I refer to them as Bennie and the Fish. I amuse myself ;) Bennie didn't like his (I think it's a boy) hammock at first, but now that's where he is every time I come home in the afternoon and wake up in the morning. He sleeps in it he loves it so much!

This is how Bennie is ALL THE TIME!

This was before we realized we like the hammock ... and this is how we slept constantly!

I would love to say "in my free time I like to" but I don't seem to have much of it! I'm usually planning, creating, discovering or attempting to blog. I do enjoy making new products for TpT and tweaking ideas I see online on other teacher blogs to fit my kiddos when I have the time.

I don't get too much interaction on here (probably because I'm stagnant for long periods of time!) but I would love to collaborate and share with other teachers/bloggers!

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