Thursday, July 7, 2016

We're goin to Italy, y'all! 🇮🇹

Day one!

The first stop on our way to Rome was Detroit, MI. While it may not seem like something to post about, I had to share the coolest thing I've seen in an airport to date! There was a tram inside the airport. Yes, you read that right. A tram ... INSIDE the airport! I mean, how cool is that!?!

Well, after a quick bite on our lay over that was a little over an hour, we loaded our plane to Italy! 

My cousin, Mila, and I were more than excited (I'm sure you can't tell). She had hands down the best comment right before this picture was taken which just had to be this post's title ... We're goin to Italy, y'all!

Now, I've never been on an international flight, so I didn't know what to expect. The screens in each head rest were amazing! I may have overloaded on sudoku and chess at first and got a little excited to see all the movies there were to choose from. Black Mass was my movie of choice before dinner, which was also delicious!

I know it's hard to see but I chose the broccoli stuffed chicken which also included mashed potatoes, a corn/bean medley, salad, a few shrimp, roll and the chocolatiest brownie I have ever had. To top off all of my excitement was the tail end of a beautiful sunset as we flew over the ocean just passed Canada. 

How pretty is that!? And in the morning (which was literally 3 hours later) we got to see the sunrise over the ocean ... of clouds ... which was awesome! Of course the pictures don't do it justice, and there was no getting around the ice crystals that had formed on the window. 

But it was a beautiful thing to witness. Well, that's all for day one! Or what I'm calling day one anyway! 

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