Saturday, July 9, 2016

We're getting our art on, y'all!

Day four!

Our third and final full day in Rome! I know it's the day after, but I was waaaaaay too tired last night to make a new post. We actually got to sleep in a little later since we didn't have a tour to be at. My body needed that extra hour. After our daily delicious breakfast we headed to the metro station to make our way to the Colosseum! Every time we get on the metro I have the desire to become Terri Nunn and belt out some Berlin. I was concerned with not knowing where to go once we exited the station, but was soon put at ease when this was the scene across from the station ...

Not hard to find!

The Arch of Constantino was right by the Colosseum so we didn't have far to go to get some good photos! Enjoy our goofiness and usies as much as we did! :)

After the Colosseum and Arches we started our walk to the Musei Campidoglio where we got some great photos of the Roman Forum! 

Those are hands! A tower of metal hands! What part of this is NOT Game of Thrones-esque?

I'll keep adding and updating, but this is up to going into the Museum. 

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