Friday, July 8, 2016

Castle Black?!?

Day three!

Day three had  a looooot going on! We had a tour of the Vatican, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica, lunch in Vatican city, saw Castel Sant' Angelo (Castle Black according to Mila and I), then went to the Spanish step (which were covered up unfortunately) and headed back to our hotel. 10 miles of walking in our 9ish hours out today! I'm exhausted, but it's toooootally worth it!

I took this photo right before getting on the metro at the Piazza Della Repubblica station. They have the most amazing statues here!

And fountains! 

Once we got to Vatican City and inside the walls, we began our tour of the Musei Varicani and Sistine Chapel! 

Yay for getting Basilica di S Pietro (St. Peter's Basilica) in the background!

We saw some amazing artwork! I couldn't tell you about most of it (that's Mila's department) but I have some cool pictures to share! 

Yea, I know the people at the bottom are cut off, but that's their fault for moving! Also, I have no idea who they are.

What Mila has named the "Death Star" :)

Rodin's "The Thinker"

Pictures were absolutely not allowed in the Sistine Chapel. So of course I broke the rules and have several. NOT! The amount of law enforcement with weapons deters me from making horrible decisions ... Because they are beautiful men and I get distracted. 

But I do have some really cool pictures of St. Peter's Basilica!

One of the Popes who was basically mummified. 

Our tour ended at 12:55 and the changing of the guards happened at 1:00! What a way to end a 3 hour tour ... A 3 hour tour. (I really hope you sang that like I intended). 

Lunch was a delicious mushroom pizza! Yesterday, I learned that when the description says "tomato", it is referring to sauce and not chunks of tomato. Regardless of my margherita pizza being the American equivalent of a cheese pizza, and it not being what I expected, it was delicious! Of course, I once again forgot to take a picture of lunch! So just take my word for it. 

After lunch our next stop was Castle Black! Ok, so maybe it wasn't Castle Black and it was called Castel Sant' Angelo, but Castle Black sounds better! They had an awesome amphitheater outside and the front of the castle, complete with warning statue, was beautiful. 

Just across the Castle is the Tiber River. 

Once our trip to Castle Black was over, we headed over to the Spanish Step, which were seemingly under construction, but there was a beautiful statue with Jesus, Lazurus, Moses and another Biblical figure around the bottom and Mary at the top. 

For dinner, we headed toward the Trevi Fountain since there was a Fendi show happening on it the day before. There was an amazing photo op just across the Palazzo Della Espisizioni just as the sun was setting. 

The Trevi Fountain was gorgeous!

Dinner wasn't too far from the fountain at a restaurant called Le Lanterne. I had a delicious ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta and in a pink tomato sauce. I only took one bite before I remembered to take a picture this time!

For dessert, I chose apple fritters with cream and cinnamon and a cappuccino (to keep up with Mila)!

And right at the end of dinner a man playing the accordion walked up! I creepily took a picture of him through the plants next to the table. 

That was our action packed day! My feet are sore, thighs are raw and my back hurts a bit, but it was completely worth it! I can't wait for the Colesium and museum tomorrow!

Fino a domani!

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