Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Styluses ... Styli' ... Those tablet things!

I had to make a quick run to Clovis last night to finish getting some Valentine stuff for the classroom and things to make a basketball shirt (for the last home game ... I'm a little behind!). When I ran into Big Lots I went by the electronics to see if I could find any inexpensive styluses for the classroom. We do a lot of Nearpod assessments since I saw it on A Kinder Kindergarten blog post back in November. The kids use their fingers and we tried a homemade stylus that just wasn't working well, so we needed something.

Low and behold, Big Lots had a pack of TEN, yes, 10, styluses for only $5! That's $.50 a stylus! 2 of them are large and the other 8 are smaller, but they work just as well, and helps the kids with holding writing utensils. It's a lot easier to read the kids' handwriting on the iPads, too.

I'll post some pictures of our styluses in action once things wind down from Valentine festivities. They are DEFINITELY worth looking into!

Happy shopping!

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