Friday, January 1, 2016

Rebuild Rowlett!

First off, I just want to say how AWESOME my hometown is! Yesterday, mom and I went to volunteer our time at First United Methodist Church (where my mom goes to church). This was our second day up there after taking cases of water to help out those who were displaced and those who were working to take supplies and clear debris. It has been so overwhelming to see this community come together and donating their money, belongings and time.

This afternoon I finished a couple of Rowlett themed packs. All of the profits from these packs will be donated to organizations through Rowlett Recovers. Information on the different organizations can be found here.

The first pack I've made is a paper pack with 24 different papers in it! I'm selling it in my TpT store for $2.75. That's less than a quarter per paper! The papers are all maroon, navy and white which are colors of the high school. This pack contains chevron, striped, polka dot and diamond patterned papers. Click the image below to get this paper pack.

The second pack I've made is an elephant clipart pack with 47 clipart elephants! That's right ... I said 47 images! There are gray, maroon and navy elephants all with different patterns on their ears. The images are transparent PNG files and are on sale in my TpT store for $2.00. That's less than a NICKEL per image! Click the image below to get this clipart pack.

You can also get both packs as a bundle for $4.50! That saves you 25 cents if you want both and goes to an amazing cause! Click the Rebuild Rowlett image below to get both packs together.

Before I go for the night, a big shout out to Raising Cane's and everyone who went out and ate to donate to the cause! It was awesome to see this update on their FB page!

Didn't I tell you my hometown community was awesome? :)
Happy New Year and happy helping.

Currently January

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great winter holiday! I'm linking up with Farley at Oh Boy! 4th Grade again this month for Currently January.

This is a sports household (when I'm back visiting family, I mean)! Soooooo, the t.v. is either on a game or CNN. I think I've had my football fill for the year ... well last year. My Red Raiders didn't win so I've over football until next season!
Recently my hometown of Rowlett, TX was hit with a pretty powerful tornado that left thousands of homes damaged. The number seems to get higher every day. My family's houses were not hit and THANKFULLY no one in Rowlett died! The town has come together in ways that astound me daily. I'm trying to update as I can with news and links for donations on my blog. 

My wanting goes along with my thinking. We were fortunate enough to not get hit but others weren't. My mother and I were able to donate some things and our time to helping those in need and I have uploaded some things on TpT to raise money, but I still wish there was more I could do (especially since I'll be headed back home tomorrow). Any ideas or suggestions??

One little word: BLESSED!
I don't think I have to explain this one ...
I hope everyone has had a great start to their year and it continues on a great path!
Happy New Year!