Monday, November 16, 2015

Our Math Shelf

I am an anal, OCD person ... which doesn't work out well for my kiddos sometimes! I like things color coded, and in their places, and on the shelf they are supposed to be on. Then I remember, I teach kindergarten and sometimes, something's gotta give!

Here is what our math shelf looks like. It's this HUGE shelf that's split down the middle and is used for half math, half science. A couple years ago I took some yellow paper and glued it to the back of the shelf (since I was too scared to paint it) so that it would match all of the math things in the room. Math. Is. Yellow.
Not sometimes. Not whenever I feel like it. ALWAYS!

And as chaotic as it may seem, everything has a place for a reason.
The top shelf houses our manipulatives in their containers (which took a lot less space than those big plastic storage boxes and looks neater to me), our bug sorting center, geoboard center, dice and boxed games.

The middle shelf holds dry erase activities (including markers and socks for erasing), magnetic numbers and cookie sheets for boards, foam puzzles and magnetic tan-grams.

The bottom shelf if home to large wooden dominoes, a box filled with plastic sorting shapes, our big foam floor puzzle, and number noodles that we use to practice sequencing and place value.

Sometimes games get added to our math shelf depending on what we are learning about in our unit that week. But for the most part, this is what our shelf consistently looks like. 

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