Monday, November 16, 2015

Go Noodle

We started GoNoodle today in class and the kids LOVED it! During stations/centers I try to keep classical music playing in the back ground (and on fun days we listen to words with clean lyrics ... a lot of oldies). Today whenever we had about 5 minutes or so between transitions and not enough time to start something new, we GoNoodled. That can be a verb, right?

Aaaaaaanyway, at the end of the day we made it through 5 different GoNoodle activities! I don't know about the kiddos, but Usher's ABC Song was my favorite of the day. It was so nice, we did it twice! It was good for them to have a lot of different choices to choose from for little brain breaks. We have the songs that we usually do and some from the radio that I put on when there's not too much time to do anything else, but this was a lot of fun for them.

After today, I'm thinking we need to have some GoNoodle in our lives DAILY.

Happy GoNoOdling!

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