Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Pocket Chart Stands!

Ok, a few weeks ago I posted about Mini Anchor Chart Stands and said I would update later. It's FINALLY later so here's my update! I painted most of the PVC pipe and put together larger {but still mini} pocket chart stands. 

For these larger chart stands, I used 2 10 ft pieces of PVC pipe and some left over pipe I had from a 5 ft piece of PVC pipe. 

On the 10 ft pipe, I measured out 21 inches and cut 6 sections to that size.

And because I don't like to keep using the tape measure to measure, I line up my pipe and mark it that way. These 21 ft piece were used for the sides of my chart stands.

For the top piece of my stand, I cut 3 pieces to 14 inches each. 

Materials for each stand:
2 pipes cut to 21 inches
1 pipe cut to 14 inches
2 elbows
2 T-shaped ends
*optional 4 pipes cut to 6 inches each (for extra support)

I started by joining my 21 inch pipes with an elbow on each. That way I didn't have to worry about lining everything up just yet.

Once I got the elbows on the long pipes, I put the 14 inch pipe into the open ends of the 2 elbows.

Once those were done, the T-shaped ends went on the bottom of the stand to hold it up.

My stand was holding pretty well, but needed a little reinforcement. I took some extra pipe I had and cut them in 6 inch pieces. 

Those 6 inch piece I cut went into each open end of the the T-shaped pieces to act as legs.

When I finished (with my chart in place) it looked like this!

I've got to finish repainting my PVC pipe, but I needed them for a center the next day of school so they had to go like this! The plan was to paint them yellow after the gray coat way covered, but I'm not sure what I want to do anymore. Leave them gray and add some decoration with color or just go ahead and paint them yellow ... No clue what to do! Any ideas?

I left them gray! The kids LOVE to play with them and sort anything and everything every cahnce they get!

Happy crafting!