Friday, July 31, 2015

July Target Finds!

1. Garment Rack
I haven't had a pocket chart stand the past few year, so instead of having my school order one for me, I bought a garment rack to use instead! It's pretty much the same thing and costs a lot less. I paid $15 for this one and it works just fine!

2. Double Sided Landscape Dry Erase Boards & 3.Double Sided Portrait Dry Erase Boards
These are some of the best things ever for writing time! I had 5 of them from a couple years ago, but you can never have too many dry erase boards ... especially when they have lines! I have used these boards as a modification for students who are struggling with writing on the lines and they are perfect!

4. Large School Box
This is for me, and only me. I need a school box, too! But I like to put a little bit of everything in mine so it's as convenient as possible. This giant school box is currently holding a pack of colored pencils, a pack of crayons, a set of markers, 2 large glue sticks, a bottle of glue and on the very bottom a set of watercolors. I LOVE it.

5. Storage Containers
Remember how I said in Dollar Tree finds I was really wanting to get organized? Well, Target is selling these babies in a pack of 3 for $2.99. So they're basically $1 each. I have 12 of them. 6 clear, 6 turquoise. I still need to get the labels I made for them printed off, but they are holding so much stuff! And the best part is, it's MUCH easier to find what I am looking for.

6. Mini Pocket Charts
I've been seeing ideas for mini pocket chart stands all over the internet this summer, so I made a couple different sizes. These pocket charts are small enough to fit in the mini pocket chart stand and long enough for students to play games on them in centers. I got them in Target's $1 and $3 Spot for $1 each! The only color I have seen them in is orange.

Happy shopping!

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