Friday, July 31, 2015

July Big Lots Finds

1. Food Containers

2. Crates

3. Speakers
I got this for my room so I can plug my teacher iPad or iPod into it and play some of our transition songs when we are on the other side of the room and I am not by my computer. It was $10 and it pretty loud. They had solid and patterned speakers. I can't wait to start using it this year!

4. Glue Sticks
At a pack of 15 glue sticks for just a couple bucks, you can't go wrong! We go through these things sooo fast! 

5. Small Trash Cans
I use these small trash cans as recycling cans in our room. They stay in the closet until we talk about littering and recycling (which is around the third week of school) and then stay out for the rest of the year. During our recycling unit, we play a fun little game where the kids race in teams to sort the recycling into the correct bin. You can find picture of the kids playing the game on my class blog, Ms. Molix's Class.

I like these trash cans because they are the same can, but in different colors. I label each can, but it still makes it a lot easier for the kids to tell the difference.

Happy shopping!

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